Product Detail


  • Advantage
  • 1. Position adjusting medical mute motor USES the safe and reliable, stable performance, full electric control the whole of the bed body lift, back and thigh lift adjustment; Adjustable to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), heart, chair, “FOWLER position, MAX check bit, bit/anti’s position, at the same time, the central control system can display the back, legs plate, trevor’s/reverse’s Angle, side turn, meet clinical needs.
  • 2. Turn aided by ICU center consciousness of patients, there are a lot of depth can’t roll over, need nurses often turn, scrub, prevent bedsore; Without turn assisted to complete a patient’s turn to swab usually need two or three staff to assist to complete, and nursing staff is very easy to hurt the waist, the clinical nursing staff to work a lot of trouble and inconvenience, modern standard in the sense of ICU beds can be very convenient to turn over to the side, by foot or hand control, easy to help the patient to realize turn over.
  • 3. Convenient operating ICU beds can be multiple control the movement of the bed body, the bed on both sides of the fence, the end of the bed plate, a handheld controller, on either side of the foot control and so on have control function, so that nursing staff can according to the nursing rescue the most convenience to simple operation and control of hospital bed, there is also a key reset, and a key position, alarm from the bed, and other functions, is used to monitor transition convalescence patients walk, etc.
  • 4. Accurate weighing function center of ICU critical patients need a lot of fluid exchange, every day is very important to intake and excretion, the traditional operation is manual record fluid intake, but it is easy to overlook the secretion of sweat or the body’s internal fat burning consumption quickly, when there is a precise weighing function, for the weight of the continuous monitoring of patients, doctors can compare the difference of the two data convenient to adjust treatment, treatment can improve the patients quality of the data management of change, the current mainstream of ICU beds weighing accuracy has reached 10-20 g.
  • 5. Back X-ray films for critically ill patients with shooting can be done in the ICU ward, back configuration X-ray box of slide rail, don’t move the patient and the X-ray machine can be used for almost the whole body.
  • 6. Flexible mobile and brake ICU ward center for nursing bed can be mobile and flexible, solid brake fixed for convenient nosocomial transshipment and rescue, etc., use more central control brake, medical universal wheel.
  • Technical parameters

    Full length
    Including the side rails(width)
    Without the side rails(width)
    Bed base height rangeminimum-maximum height
    Patient touching surface
    Back section panel
    Leg section panel
    Maximum safe load
    Diameter of centrally control silent castor
    Nurse controlled

    Patient controller

    4 LINAK electrical motor

    I.V. Pole
    Drainage Hook

    Angle scale

    CPR Handle

    Detached PP head and foot board

    Weight reading system
    PP side rail move with bed base simultaneously

    Top coat: cold-rolled steel tube

    Bed frame: cold-rolled steel tube

    Bed base: cold rolled steel tube

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